What? Other Countries Don't Have Democracy, That's Silly

I think I follow more U.K.ians than Americans on YouTube. Because of this, I happen to know that U.K. general elections are coming up, and have taken an interest in the various differences between the U.S. system of government and the U.K. system of government.

First off the U.K. has a multi-party system, which I find endlessly fascinating. I had never even considered the fact that perhaps a country doesn’t have to be completely polarized into two completely opposite and extreme viewpoints.

The three largest parties, currently, are:

the Conservative Party, which has similar ideologies to that of the Republican Party here in the U.S.

the Labour Party began in favor of socialism, but its ideologies have since shifted to a position of democratic socialism.

the Liberal Democrats promote ideas of social liberalism and progressivism.

Historically, the Conservative Party and the Labour Party have been the two largest parties. In recent polls, however, all three parties appear to be about equal.

From what I could determine, the Prime minister and parliament don’t have set term limits, but instead the monarch dissolves parliament whenever he or she wants, although in accordance with the uncodified constitution, this is always done on the suggestion of the Prime Minister, limited to five year terms maximum. The monarch also has the authority to choose any citizen to be the Prime Minister, although, also in accordance with the uncodified constitution, this is always the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons.

This is different from the U.S. system, in that the voters don’t directly vote for the Prime minister, as they do the president in America. Instead they vote for the party, and they know that the leader of that party will become the Prime Minister.

I find the upcoming U.K. elections fascinating, and I will continue to cover the elections as events unfold.

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