Oh Right! That Title Thing!

Allow me to exploit this story as a vehicle to mount my soapbox, once again. This story really bothered me, and more than just because of the content of the story, it was the article itself. The story is about a Christian militia that was prevented, by the FBI, from going through with a horrific killing spree of law-enforcement officers. The article talks a lot about who was involved, what happened, where it took place and when, but there is only one sentence in the entire story explaining why. I think this signifies a grievous oversight our general priorities. Sure, the FBI was able stop this attack, this time. But if we spent more time examining the thought processes that go along with planning such an appalling act of violence, we could address the actual cause. It all goes back to that “teach a man to fish” scenario.

Oh my gosh! What is that?

(it’s a Segway, get it? Because what I’m going to talk about next is completely unrelated, and so to segue I put up a picture of a Segway, because Segway and segue are homophones…. you get it.)

Today, Ricky Martin revealed that he is gay. In a similar story, historians are now hypothesizing that popular 50’s R&B musician, Ray Charles, may have suffered from some degree of visual impairment.

As much as I applaud Ricky Martin for finally coming out, I’m a little it upset that he waited so long. When he was asked about his sexual orientation, when people actually cared, that is (circa 1999), he would avoid the question or straight up say that he didn’t want to talk about it. I kind of thing that this is how everybody should respond when asked about their sexual orientation, it’s nobody else’s business, and people should be allowed to reveal facets of their character on their own time and at their own comfort level.

But he always refused to answer the question because he was embarrassed about the answer, and afraid it would ruin his career. What kind of example is that set for all the young in-the-closet boys who want to grow up to be the next Ricky Martin? Stay in the closet until your career is dead, and so that when you finally do come out the media and the world erupts in a resounding cry of “duuuuuhhhhhhh”?

*descends soapbox*

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